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    South Africa Winner small final 1

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    Award 2019

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    Fully endorsed at our 3-year Monitoring -

    Fantastic Team



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How it works

Free Compliance Tool

We have created a compliance tool which can be used to manage and track the progress of all your staff that you have registered with us, this is also a great tool for compliance officers.

Online CPD Subscription

To help make CPD more affordable, we have created an annual CPD subscription that gives you access to all our CPD courses for the duration of the CPD cycle for a once off payment.

How to Access your courses

Once you have registered for a course and made payment the course can be accessed from your “My Courses” page, for more detailed instructions please download the guide.

How to use the App

To ensure you always have access to your courses we have developed an App that can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play
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How to submit an assignment online

We strive to simplify and streamline the learning process as much as we can, as such all workbooks for NQF4 and NQF5 qualifications can be submitted online

RE1,3,4,5 Support

We offer support for RE1, RE3, RE4 and RE5.
We offer both online packages and facilitated workshops, to see how to register please download one of the guides.