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  • RE 1,3,4 and 5 Exam Support

    The regulatory Exam or RE as it is commonly known is one of the requirements set by the FSB.
    The RE exam is hosted by the FPI (Financial Planning Institute) or Moonstone.
    Our aim is to help you save money by offering you support and guidance, enabling you to pass the exam.

    Our Database on which our Mock Exams are based now contains +- 850 Questions

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Components Workshop Exam Support Pack Study Guide
Online Mock Exams
Face to Face Workshop X      
Study Guide (Most Comprehenvise, Up to date study guide in the industry)
X X X  
Preparation Guidelines X X    
Exam Tips & techniques and sample questions X X    
Online Mock Exam (3 Attempts, 150 questions) X X   X
PowerPoint Presentation (90+ Multiple Choice Questions) X      

Current student success rate = 97% (No one is perfect)

Our Mock Exams are based on a database of almost 850 Questions from which questions are randomly selected.

RE Workshop

  • Face to face workshop (minimum 15 students)
  • Up-to-date Study Guide 2017 (Free material is not always up-to-date, great reason for failing the exam)
  • +-169 Multiple Choice questions included
  • Summary of material
  • Summary of time periods
  • Exam information, tips, techniques and sample questions
  • Online Mock Exam (3 Attempts), another 150 Multiple Choice questions
  • Additional benefits: includes RDR, TCF, POPI
  • Cost of the RE Exam increased to R1163.00
  • Fail it 3 times and it cost you R3489.00
  • Therefore R995 for the workshop saves you time and money.

How to Register for the exam

At Integrity Academy we are only allowed to offer support, our main purpose is to help you pass the Regulatory Exam on the first attempt
To Register for the RE Exam itself please register with one of the following organisations

What are “Regulatory Exams?”

Regulatory exams are part of the “fitness” requirements for people who are representatives or key individuals in the Financial Services Industry. These exam requirements are outlined in Board Notices issued by the Financial Services Board under the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act 2002 (FAIS) and are therefore a legal requirement.

What does the exam consist of?


RE5 - Representatives

RE1 - Key Individuals and Sole Proprietors

Number of questions




2 Hours

2.5 Hours

Minimum Required Percentage




What is a Key Individual?

A “key individual”, in relation to an authorised financial services provider, or a representative, carrying on business as—

  • a corporate or unincorporated body, a trust or a partnership, means any natural person responsible for managing or overseeing, either alone or together with other so responsible persons, the activities of the body, trust or partnership relating to the rendering of any financial service; or

  • a corporate body or trust consisting of only one natural person as member, director, shareholder or trustee, means any such natural person.

What is a Financial Services Provider?

Means any person, other than a representative, who as a regular feature of the business of such a person:

  • furnishes advice;

  • furnishes advice and renders any intermediary service;

  • renders an intermediary service.

Which exam must I write?

If you give advice to clients on products such as insurance and investments, you will need to write the level 1 Regulatory Exam for Representatives (RE5). However, if you are involved only with assistance business such as funeral policies or friendly societies you do not need to write the RE5 exam.

If you intend to become a Key Individual you will need to complete Regulatory Exam for Key Individuals (RE1). If you fall under a category II Financial Services Provider, you will also be required to complete the Regulatory Exam for this category (RE3).

How much do exams and rewrites cost?

The standard fee according to the Financial Services Board is R 1 163.00 for the exam or rewrite.