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What do I do if I start working for a New company.

If you have already done training through Integrity Academy while working for a different company to the one you are now working for please contact us to transfer the profile.
Please do not create a new profile if you created one previously.

What do I do if the page keeps refreshing instead of creating my profile?

The most common causes of this are:

  1. The username you are trying to use already exists on our system
  2. The email address you are trying to use already exists on our system
  3. You already have an account. (Please go to the login page)

Please contact us if you are having any issues with registering so that we can assist you in sorting out the problem.
+27 12 348 1098


Please use a UNIQUE username
Username rules: (Username may contain alphanumeric characters only, No Uppercase, No Spaces)
(Example Username: academy1)

Bad Password
Passwords do not match

Password rules: (Password must contain a minimum of 10 characters with a minimum of 1 special character (#), 1 Upper case (A), 1 Lowercase letter (cademy), and at least one number(21) )
(Example Password: Academy#21)

Please use a valid mail address
Email do not match
Contact Details
Please use a valid phone number