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DOFA deadline looming

Candidates are required to successfully complete the applicable level 1 Regulatory Exam by 30 June after expiry of 24 months from the date of first appointment as representative. In practical terms, this means that those appointed between 1 January 2015 and 30 June 2015 will be required to complete the RE 5 before 30 June 2017. Please leave yourself enough time to rewrite in the event that you do not pass at the first attempt.


Integrity Academy developed tools to enable you to pass your Regulatory Exam with ease.

  1. Online multiple choice mock exams with immediate feedback at R350.00 for 3 mock exam. Online exam support pack = R600.00
  2. Online electronic workbook for R475.00
  3. Online exam support pack for R800.00, which include:
  • Summary of material;
  • Summary of time periods;
  • Exam information, tips, techniques and sample questions;
  • Online mock exams x 3 with immediate feedback;
  • Electronic workbook (updated 2017).

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We have achieved a 100% pass rate thus far and our students achieve 70% and better in the exams.

Workshops can be arranged, as soon as we have 15 registered candidates, see dates on the online calander.

We also provide online support! See the Question button on our website.


Standardized Test Taking Tips for Multiple Choice Questions

Make sure you understand the instruction clearly. For example, should you choose the best answer, or are you supposed to be identifying an alternative that is false?

Pay attention to every detail in the question.

  • Read each question as if you had to answer it without choosing from a list of alternative answers.
  • Try to answer the question first without looking at the list of choices.
  • If you know the answer, select it from the list of choices and move on.
  • If you don’t know the answer, look at the choices and use the process of elimination to narrow down choices.
  • Verify whether or not there is an "all of the above" or "none of the above" choice before selecting your first choice answer.
  • Use the true/false technique to help you select between two similar answers. (Translate the question into a statement with each of the possible answers, and select one that is true.)
  • If wrong answers don’t count against your test score, don’t leave any questions blank. There is always a (slight) chance of guessing the right answer.
  • If wrong answers count against you, don’t take wild guesses. Educated guesses are likely to work in your favor a portion of the time, but wild guesses can really hurt you.

We also provide the following as part of the Online exam support pack for R800.00:

  • Tips on Taking Multiple-Choice Tests
  • How to outsmart any multiple choice paper

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