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  1.  Relax while phoning
  2. Keep a soft drink, cup of coffee, glass of water or something liquid beside you to assure a sharp, friendly voice.
  3. Be prepared! Have plenty of numbers lined up in advance!! (I cannot emphasize this point enough).
  4. If you fail to get an appointment with a good prospect, ask for referred leads on the telephone. TRY IT! IT WORKS!
  5. Call referred leads, direct e-mail replies, LinkedIn messages, new mortgages, etc. as soon as possible after receiving them.
  6. In most cases, do not set appointments with the spouse.
  7. If you get a wrong number and the person sounds like a good prospect, ask for an appointment. TRY IT! IT WORKS!
  8. Be a little different from the other Financial Planners that have called this person.  Speak clearly sincerely, and enthusiastically!
  9. Do not waste time looking up numbers during “prime” phoning sessions.
  10. Jot down notes as you talk: occupation, interests, spouse’s name, etc.
  11. If you talk to someone promising, but fail to get an appointment, file that person’s name to call in the future – say six month or a year later. By doing this you will develop a surprising number of “call backs” to the future. People’s situations change, and you will get appointments with some of them. IT WORKS! TRY IT!
  12. Take advantage of daytime phoning! How about those second- and third-shift prospects? Why not call prospects at work? What about telephone calls to businesses during the day?
  13. Refuse to be disturbed during your “prime” phoning time.
  14. Use a “Motivational Scrapbook” and review it daily, particularly before a “prime” phoning session.
  15. Keep accurate records. Who you are calling! When are you calling! How many calls do you have to make to get your desired number of appointments?
  16. Be sure the appointment is confirmed; either they should write it down or you should send them a reminder notice. You may even want to be safe and do both.  Try not to accept the “shaky” appointments – that is, beware if they say, “Tuesday at 08:30 p.m. is fine, but call before you come out.” In responding to this I would say, “Will it be convenient with you as far as you know?” If your prospect says yes, then says: “I’ll send you a reminder and if something comes up you can call me. Okay?” (Most will agree that this is fine).
  17. Try to establish a common identity – Do you have clients where he/she works?  Clients on his /her block? Golf or tennis in common?
  18. Set the majority of your appointments for Monday and Tuesday of each week. It is a fact that about 50% of all appointments are either postponed or cancelled. By anticipating this, you have a greater chance of “resetting” postponed appointments for the latter part of the week instead of the following week.
  19. Keep on dialing those numbers! When you feel like stopping, talk to two more people! When you feel like crying, talk to one more! Then stop and take a 10-15 minutes rest. (Phoning is like exercising. IT ONLY HELPS WHEN IT HURTS!)
  20. Keep smiling and have faith in the law of averages! It will not let you down! It has never failed and it never will. Let it work for you!

These 20 Telephone Tips were developed and used while marketing full time. I suggest that you practice them until they become habit. Use them they work.