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Be Irreplacable

Become irreplaceable at work by focussing on to the fundamental skills needed.

                                   ~ Part 1 ~

Let's go back to basics, the very foundation of a successful business.

It implies that the emphasis should not be on complicated concepts or skillsets but rather a mindset shift which focuses on the uncomplicated and straightforward idea that you can develop the essential abilities/skills with dedication and hard work. Employees should be rewarded and acknowledged for adopting a growth mindset which essentially suggests that everyone is in control of their destiny and that social-economic factors have no bearing on their success.

Active learning is paving the way for our future. An individual with a growth mindset realises that it is essential to take ownership of developing and improvement by actively seeking knowledge. Active learning is paving the way for our future. It is a SUPERPOWER and the key to success.

The most crucial thing all of us should be doing is to adopt a growth mindset which will bring about job security by making ourselves indispensable in the workplace. The potential for greatness is growing inside, which you can nurture to bear fruit.

Listed below are only a few of the fundamental skills needed to succeed:

  • Embrace change and be ready to adapt

Take Note – Realise that individuals who are not open to change will be left behind. In our everchanging world, with the rate in which technology advances, we should be agile to adapt and evolve with our global landscape or become redundant. Adapt or die.

Take Action – Identify all the areas in your workplace, which will require you to evolve as technology changes and research all the tools you will need to acquire to facilitate such changes. We are living in the information age where information surrounds us. Acquire new skills and continuously reinvent yourself. It means that a certain level of comfort around technology will be vital to success.

By reinventing yourself, you will keep your brain flexible and adaptable to succeed in the everchanging workplace faced with the uncertainty of potential layoffs, salary cuts and a cruel and unforgiving job market. Constantly reinvent yourself because the ability to celebrate and embrace change is a SUPERPOWER.

  • Surpass all expectations & Show Initiative.

Take Note – Ask yourself what success looks like in that task and how I obtain it.

Take Action – Crush it! Make succeeding your top priority and go the extra mile and set the bar a little higher. A higher standard requires a more skilled, efficient, productive, and enthusiastic individual to uphold, and not everyone possessed such determination to reach above and beyond their limit.

Become a scarce commodity, and you will have security.

  • Keen Analytical (critical) thinking skills

Take Note – Understand the inner-workings of your business; it is essential to note that an analytical thinker will exclude emotion from the equation and instead focus on logical reasoning.

Take Action – A person with critical thinking skills will be at the forefront of innovative ideas to solve complex problems. You are using logic to think about what could go wrong and find a solution for the unforeseen crisis. By doing this, you will always be calm and collected when a disaster strikes. Therefore you will continuously operate from a position of strength and add value by offering solutions instead of an area of weakness by finger-pointing to all the problems.

Brand yourself a problem solver, and you will always be a valued team member because everyone gravitates to someone who takes control of a crisis. Let's face it, in life we will face problems, that in itself is a problem just waiting to be solved.

  • Good Vibes and a Positive Attitude

Take Note - Realise that we are all on a rollercoaster called life which is a profound journey of survival. Your attitude plays an essential role in your ability to employ a positive mindset which aids you to deal with diverse life experiences, adversity, and acquaintances etc.

Take Action – The ability to control and express your emotions with high emotional intelligence is a SUPERPOWER. A Positive attitude fuels positive Thinking which are contagious and will spread through the interaction with others. Spread the positivity through your good-natured intentions, and you will be irreplaceable. In a world filled with "darkness", it is instinctive to search for the light.

Become the light in the "darkness" —the sparkle of positivity which is contagious and that brightens up any situation. Be the cog in the wheel without which no one can do. It might be a cliché; be the change you want to see in the world.

  • Be present and Focussed.

Take Note – First, identify all the things that might divert your attention away from your work and adding value to the team. In this age of social media, it has become increasingly difficult to shift your focus to being connected at work and disconnected to all the distractions such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. We are bombarded with so many distractions daily that it is a superpower to stay focussed.

Take Action – Develop a strategy to stay focussed and work. Distracted individuals are exposed in one way or the other. They value a centred individual for there Productivity and level of engagement needed to produce excellent work; this should be your top priority.

Face the facts "No one looks more replaceable than the person who can't break away from social media."

  • Become a Jack of all trades or a master of one.

Take Note – Assess your situation; determine what is most needed, and will emphasise your usefulness.

Take Action – Determine the best approach to achieve the greatest success and add the most value. There are two options to choose from, and it all depends on your analysis of the situation. Firstly, you can be good at a variety of different things around the office, making you generally valuable and useful everywhere. Secondly, you can be excellent at one vital task no one else is skilled enough to do or desires to attempt, which could be a gamble.

Adopt an attitude of excellence, become a lifelong learner, and keep evolving your skill sets to be valued in many facets of the company. By obtaining many skills and being a jack of all trades, it will be a little harder to replace you. It easy to get stuck in your comfort zone. Steer clear of your comfort zone; it does not offer job security.

The only way you can stay on top is to remember to touch bottom and get back to basics.

~ Shane Black ~

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