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Regulatory Examinations, Class of Business, and Qualifications

All Regulatory Examinations, Class of Business, and Qualifications deadlines applicable to supervised representatives which falls between 1 January 2020 and 30 November 2020 has been extended to a deadline of 15 December 2020. This extension gives relief not only to those representatives with deadlines falling into the lockdown period, or those impacted beyond the lockdown but also to those representatives who did not meet their deadline even before the COVID-19 crisis hit South Africa.

While these extensions and exemptions provide FSPs, KIs and Reps with some breathing space, we encourage those concerned to avoid putting things off for too long, to use their time wisely and to complete as much as they can online.

It will take you some time to complete the relevant assignments per subject. Then we need to arrange for your closed-book summative assessments. Then our assessors need to assess them, and we need to moderate 25% of a verification batch. Once this is done, we need to secure a date with INSETA to send a verifier to sign-off on the portfolios. Only then can the credits be awarded and loaded to the National Learner Database.  

All of this is time-consuming. Therefore use the time available to complete your assignments, to enable us to timeously arrange to get your credits uploaded for the purpose of FSCA accreditation so that you can be fit-and-proper.