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International Finance Awards - Integrity Academy - Best Financial Planner Training Specialists - South Africa 2019

We are truly grateful to all our clients who have supported us the past 3 years. We officially started in May 2016 but could not trade until February 2017 due to red tape, registration, accreditation and inefficiencies in our country. During this time, I had to finance every expense from my back pocket, that was rather empty.

Now I also understand why businesses come crashing down within the first two years.

By the end of 2017, I was close to hanging up my gloves, go home and call it a day. But then came 2018, what a year. As I opened my office doors on the 4th of January 2018, the first signs were there that this will be a great year. Due to the two dismal years we had in 2016-2017, we were still recovering financially. By June of 2018, I took a massive step in faith and made an offer to purchase a property. Not having much in our favour, being a start-up with very little assets, we applied at 4 banks for a bond over the property. I was doubtful that we would be successful, but having faith in a GREAT God, that have never yet let me down, I knew somehow it will work out.

Eventually one of the banks were willing to grant us a 80% bond over the property. That was great, but where will the balance of the bond, transfer fees, attorney fees etc. come from. All I could do was to go on my knees and ask God to provide for us in some miraculous way.

By August 2018, we moved into our new offices in Garsfontein, Pretoria. You guessed right, God came through for us, as two of our major clients today, came through for us and basically put us on the map.

Today more than 320 companies support us. We are truly blessed.

During May 2019, I receive a call from Acquisition International, informing me that we are one of the finalists as BEST Financial Planner Training Specialists - South Africa. Would I accept the nomination? I was totally taken a back and first could not believe it. It took me two days to come to my senses. I phoned them, agree to accept the nomination and today it is history.

Again, I need to in all humility thank all of you, for your support, for believing is us, for trusting us.

You are welcome to check if this is all legit, by going to the following link:

Best Financial Planner Training Specialists