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Compliance Tool for Record Keeping Purposes: Fit-and-Proper Requirement


INTEGRITY ACADEMY wish to announce that not only were we first to launch the material for Class of Business, but we have been listed first on Google for some time now.

We also developed a Compliance tool that will assist the industry to comply with the record keeping requirements as stipulated in Board Notice 194 of 2017.

The Compliance Tool provide you with a full record of the following:

1.     Qualifications completed at Integrity Academy

2.     Class of Business Training completed at Integrity Academy

3.     Continuous Professional Development (CPD) completed at Integrity Academy

4.     Skills Development Workshops completed at Integrity Academy

5.     FIC Training completed at Integrity Academy

6.     POPIA Training completed at Integrity Academy

7.     Skills Workshops, towards a qualification completed at Integrity Academy

8.     Online downloadable, verifiable certificates with QR Code completed at Integrity Academy

9.     Soon to be added: Microsoft online workshops.

The record keeping information can be viewed online by the registered mentor, Key Individual, Business Owner or Training and Development Department. The information can be downloaded to either an Excel Spreadsheet or one of these formats to enable you to upload it to your Learning Management System. (Formats: CSV, ODS, XLS). You can also print the report from our system.

These reports are all updated in real time. As your candidates complete their studies, class of business, CPD, Soft Skills workshops, by the push of a button, you will receive the latest information.

Associations/Accredited Provider/Affiliations

Board Notice 194 of 2017: Fit and Proper requirements define “Class of business training” as training in respect of a specific class of business and which training is provided and assessed by an “accredited provider” or an “education institution”.

Needless to say: Integrity Academy (Pty) Ltd is such a provider and will provide training in all nine classes stipulated in the Fit-and-Proper Determination.

We are fully accredited with INSETA, Number. 130248 and QCTO, Number. SDP1220/17/00128. Our qualifications are also listed on SAQA and are part of the recognised qualifications listed at the FSCA (ex FSB).

 Value Proposition

1.    Accessibility: Day or Night – Study Material can be accessed online 24 hours a day, 365 days of a year.

2.    Self-Paced Learning: You determine when you start & how swiftly you reach your completion date.

3.    Flexibility: Your schedule is determined by your obligations.

4.    Support: Dedicated online support when required – google chats, skype calls, and online chat.

5.    Study anywhere in the World: Download your study material online & work offline.

6.    Efficiency: Speedy response in grading of workbooks.

7.    Learning Styles: Visual, Auditory, Read/Write & Kinaesthetic.

8.    Instant Gratification: Material instantly available after payment has been confirmed.

9.    Simplistic Content delivery: No more handwritten workbook assignments.

10. Mobile Learning: Multi Device Support – PCs, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphones.

11. Online Library: Easy way of retrieving information.

12. CPD & Class-of-Business Online Courses: Online Multiple Choice Testing and verifiable certificate.

13. Soft Skill Workshops: Includes video, audio, support material, verifiable certificate.

14. Become Tech Savvy: Embrace and adapt Towards Technology.

 INTEGRITY ACADEMY: Empowering the Financial Industry through education.