RE1 Support Pack


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Study Guide
 RE1 Study Guide
 User Guidelines on Completion of Representative Register 15052014
Mock Exams
 Mock Exam 1
 Mock Exam 2
 Mock Exam 3
Multiple Choice Exam Technique
 8 Steps on how to study for Multiple Choice Exams
 Answering MCQ like a PRO
 25 Multiple Choice Test tricks and strategies
 23 Multiple Choice Test Strategies
Additional Resources
 FAIS Information circular 4 of 2014
 Tips on writing the Regulatory Exam.pdf
 Taking Multiple Choice Exams
NB!! we cannot stress the importance of knowing the operators enough (words like Not, always, sometimes, Correct, Incorrect and Never to name a few) they are critical and can mean the difference between passing and failing.
 How to Approach Regulatory Exam Questions (NB!! Very Important)
Preperation Guidelines
 RE1 and RE5 Preparation Guide - English
Board Notices

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