RE5 Virtual Workshop Pack

Study Guide
 RE5 Study Guide
 IA - RE5 Workshop (Slideshow)
 User Guidelines on Completion of Representative Register 15052014
 Financial Services Tribunal Rules - 14 November 2018
Virtual Workshop

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 Session 1 - Study Tips
 Session 2 - 8 Steps to master the test
 Session 3 - Answering Multiple Choice Questions like a PRO
 Session 4 - 25 Multiple Choice Test tricks and strategies
 Session 5 - 23 Multiple Choice Test Strategies
 Unit 1 - Demonstrate understanding of the FAIS Act as a regulatory framework.
 Unit 2 - Contribute towards maintaining an FSP licence.
 Unit 3 - Define the role of the key individual in terms of the FAIS Act.
 Unit 4 - Adhere to the specific Codes of Conduct.
 Unit 5 - Comply with regulated record keeping requirements.
 Unit 6 - Comply with the requirements of the FIC Act and Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing control regulations, as it applies to the FSP.
 Unit 7 - Dealing with complaints that have been submitted to the Ombud for FSPs.
 Unit 8 - Operate as a Representative in terms of the FAIS Act. (Part 1)
 Unit 8 - Operate as a Representative in terms of the FAIS Act. (Part 2)
Mock Exams
 Mock Exam 1
 Mock Exam 2
 Mock Exam 3
 Mock Exam 4
 Mock Exam 5
 Mock Exam 6
 Mock Exam 7
 Mock Exam 8
 Mock Exam 9
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